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About Us


Amir Shingray is Toronto-based marketer and digital media expert. He is passionate about technology, the art of good design and the design of good art. He is all for a job well done. He has a solid marketing and media training and more than 10 years of experience in the highly competitive Toronto advertising market. He managed successfully to bring these skills and talents to bear to the many marketing tasks he has undertaken. The result is a great body of work that included major online, print and TV campaigns

Who We Are

• Develops marketing strategies for clients from diverse industries such as healthcare, law, e-commerce and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs). • Designs and creates from-the-ground-up branding, including logo, web presence, Facebook pages, Google Adwords strategies, and other assets required to help startup clients achieve objectives. • Creates pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for small to medium size businesses that maximize ROI over fixed time periods; manages strategies to ensure high quality scores, excellent click-through rate (CTR) percentages, lead generation, and conversion rates. • Places client's digital assets in proper paid digital spaces based on domain expertise, market analysis and proven success strategies; provides ongoing strategic and tactical support through campaign visioning, development, and execution; performs collaborative campaign evaluation on all sales funnels based on critical

Our Skills
UX Design 85%
Print Work 75%
Wordpress Development 95%
  • "Amir's greatest strength is his natural leadership, which inspires his teams to perform to meet his expectations, knowing that he holds himself above all to those high standards. His staff would do anything for Amir, because they know that in turn, he would do anything for them"
    Martin Mills, MSc, PMP Scotiabank